Hello Everyone!


Hello there!

I’ve been nosing around this forum for a little while and I’ve decided I would like to add to the discussions. I look forward to having good quality debate with you all.

Politically I identify as a liberal Socialist. Quickly meaning that I think Liberalism alone is unable and insufficient to further attain it’s goals without some socialist attitudes and practices. (This might seem rather confusing or paradoxical but hopefully as time goes by I will have chances to clear this up more)-I’m also a Lib Dem (roast me)

I’ve spent most of the summer gaming and looking at memes. With uni coming up I thought this would be a good place to get myself back up to speed with debating and politics :smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you all, also tell me about yourself in your replies!


Welcome to YD!

What are you studying at uni, and which uni are you going to? :slight_smile:


A fellow Lib Dem (you seem to be labour leaning whereas I’m tory leaning)! Welcome.



I’m going to Exeter Uni to study Politics :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Do you know what your modules are for this year? I’m studying Politics and IR at York!


Hi! Welcome aboard.


Oh God a Liberal Democrat. I know how it is, being liberal and a socialist but thinking that a liberal and capitalist leaning party is the party for you. Join the Corbyn movement my friend.
A huge welcome from me anyway! I hope to have great discussions with you.


Nice! I’m quite a fan of the diversity of our party, I look forward to discussing with you :slight_smile:


Does this mean you support a second referendum?


Why would he join the Corbyn movement when he is in a centrist party and Corbyn is in the left of Labour?


Ahh nice, I’m hoping to get some IR in my degree ^^ Well It’s mostly fixed, like introductions to state, society, political thought etc, but I’m looking forward to getting a look into rational choice theory and how it corresponds to the environment.

Have you enjoyed Politics so far? And do you have any advice for a fresh student? :slight_smile:


I did.


Understandably but it’s like me going back to Theresa May.


Heh, yea I see what you mean! I won’t deny I’m on the leftish fringes of the party. Having said that I’m not as far left as Corbyn (and don’t advocate destroying capitalism). I’m overwhelmingly a social liberal so I think you’ll find I’m quite comfy here. I look forward to discussing with you fellow liberal :slight_smile:

I do actually, emotive and superficial opinions aside, the benefits of EU membership as far as I’m concerned greatly outnumber the cons.


I think the referendum was built on utter lies by both sides. After all, this referendum was merely a recommendation.

At first I was saying no second referendum, trigger Article 50 immediately I was that peed off


But it was a democratic vote, whether or not you think the result was right it is in the interests of democracy that Article 50 is triggered without a second referendum. Undermining this vote would be undermining what you identify as, a liberal democrat.


I never said a second referendum, parliament should have a second vote though.


That’s good! I think I did some rational choice theory, can’t remember any of it though!

Yes, I love it! It’s so hard and stressful, but enjoyable too!

My advice is to read more than you’re told to, definitely. For your personal wellbeing, baby wipes are useful for almost everything. And never drink anyone’s milk without asking, because it will get nasty. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. It’s nice to have a slightly growing, non-Tory base on here. I enjoy a diversity of views.

I’m a soon-to-be Politics & IR student at Bristol uni, and a half-hearted Tory voter. Voted for Brexit, but really I should have spoiled my ballot I think. Not because I’ve had a 180 in my opinions or anything like that since the vote, but because at the time – and today – I continue to swing to and from each side.


Yes it was a terrible public exercise, with scare mongering on both sides. (Leave were worse in my opinion) Also I would be content with Parliament not triggering the article as well.

It’s debatable how democratic it was. 16 and 17’s not having a vote on a massive future decision,(including much of the demos not taking part) Scare mongering on both sides, largely uninformed public opinions based on headlines and not on empirical fact. It’s questionable when democratic decisions aren’t based fundamentally on truth and conscious debate.