Hello Everyone!


You could keep lowering the age range, I am 15 and I think that I am more politically opinionated that most 16-17 year olds.


Good, me too! Congratulations on getting into Bristol, I look forward to discussing with you :slight_smile:

I see, why do you think you are a half hearted Tory? It’s also good to meet someone who is flexible and considerate of their views and opinions.


Interesting idea, It’s a shame many other 15 year old’s may not be as informed. When I was 15 I was a conservative (not to say conservatives are ill informed), In fact I don’t think at that time I knew anyone who was consciously liberal. How did you become a Liberal?


In terms of supporting a political party, it continues to be a ‘best of a bad bunch’ option for me. The Tories are my ideological homeground (after all, I do consider myself on the center-right and somewhere within liberal conservatism), but their polices are by far not ideal.


A liberal democrat before? I was very quick to flock to what my friends and the school were supporting. Infact, I recall making fun of Corbyn when he was first ran for Labour Party leadership.