Hello Fellow Youths Who Debate


We’re going to get along greatly.

I’m _lake (as long as you took the time to read my name you’d know that, but as you said, reading is hard.) and I’m a moderator here. I’m a libertarian generally but my views on certain issues can extend to republican status-quo (a minority of my views) to minarchist, as I’ve always believed the state is an evil necessity.

Hope to see you in a debate soon!


Yes, he has a few! Homage to Catalonia is good, but it’s a personal account of his time in Spain. Down and Out in Paris and London is very good though, I recommend that.


Oh. That’s unfortunate.

I look forward to agreeing with you, then! And thanks for agreeing with what I said about reading!

I’ll endeavor to find and read those books then. Thank you for the recommendations!


Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I hope to have a good time here.

Have I already said that?


im sorry to hear that


Why do ancaps always join in pairs it seems?


Very cool, I’m sure there are some recommended book threads around here you can contribute to.

I’m a huge fan of basketball, playing and watching. I also enjoy watching movies. I use them as an escape from real life, sort of what people do with books.


Du sprachst das Deutsche?


Ich mag denken , dass ich ein wenig Deutsch sprechen kann, obwohl vielleicht jemand lesen, werden alle offensichtlichen Fehler sehe ich wahrscheinlich machen werde .


Welcome :slight_smile: