Hello, I'm a new guy,


Hello YD, I’ve been following this place on Facebook for ages and finally got around to signing up for the real site. Because debating is something I’m pretty good at.

I’m British, was born in '99, and I’m also high-functioning autistic, so debates about mental health policies will definitely draw me in. I’m right-wing. Hobbies include writing, cars, the military and urban exploration.

Anyway, yeah, I’m new and I’m looking forward to getting my voice out on this site.


Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you in a debate soon :slight_smile:

How are you today? Where do you fall on the political spectrum


Thank you.

Most compasses lean me to the right just a little bit, so I’m slightly right wing.


No suprise here, :slight_smile:

-I’m also autistic and right wing and so is @Cameron


@Nationalist_Libertarian I wasn’t actually expecting any other autistic people to show up.


You…aut to not assume :wink:


Very true. I tend to forget that… A lot. :joy: Also, how do you put that text next to your name? I can’t figure that out.


Old system, you used to be able to change it, it’s essentially a title, only mods can change it now


Ah crap. Probably for a reason though?


Forum changes, it’s moved from a previous format witch featured them, they never coded in a way to change it if your a regular user.


So many union flag avatars now!



Welcome to the site :slight_smile: Always excited to see another right winger around the forums.


Welcome to YD! It’s lovely to see you.

What kind of things do you write?

What’s your favourite car?


Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Welcome! I was also born in '99, so at least I have someone of the same sort of age to debate with :smile:


Welcome to the forums, lad! Always good to see new members. Hope to discuss things with you soon.


@Frankie Favourite car… Tough one, would have to be a Porsche Cayenne. And I write military novels, and also occasionally satire.

@LiberalBrit glad to see that too. Joined YD to debate with younger people, because debating with older people just results in them going off on one.


I see what you mean :smile:


'98 here.


Welcome! :grin: