Hello, I'm a new guy,


@AlexUK A year’s advantage. Also what’s that emblem you’re sporting, looks cool.


A flag incorporating the union flag, the maple leaf from Canada and of course, the stars from the second greatest country, the USA. :grin:


@AlexUK That’s an awesome emblem. I wish I could find some British Commonwealth ones though, I can’t seem to find any.


I have a couple of the Anglosphere but not of the Commonwealth.


@AlexUK I Goddamn love countryballs. :joy:


Same, they’re the best


@AlexUK “I never should have colonised you.” :joy:


Jeez why does everyone have a UK flag as their profile picture


Because we’re proud to be British, I know I am.
I’m pro-union (as in the UK, the EU can go away) and I’m also pro-British Commonwealth.


They are actually called Poland balls


Gib Northern Ireland


Nothing wrong with a bit of good ol fashioned British patriotism. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! I’m not high-functioning autistic like you but I do have asperger syndrome and I’m also right-wing.


I’m autistic and left wing so I think being on the spectrum doesn’t affect politics as much as other factors :joy:


define left wing, if you basically arent a socialist/communist many hard leftists will regard you as right wing.


Agreed sadly. So I’m libertarian socially (literally the floor of the compass) and very slightly left of the midpoint on that (admitably skewd) I like to think of myself as progressive, though have never really been tested. I believe in universal free healthcare, I believe in fair support for those unable to help their situations. I guess left and right is always relative and compared to my friends I’m left compared to you no idea.


Radical centre.

Im Right wing, centre on the compass of the right side, with a strong social liberterian leaning, most of my authoritarianism from my nationalist views. (hence my name)


Sounds far more exciting than it is :joy:[quote=“Nationalist_Libertarian, post:37, topic:111351”]
strong social liberterian leaning, most of my authoritarianism from my nationalist views

How can you be both social libertarian and authoritarian? Like they’re opposites? Does that not cause you to contradict yourself?
I guess veiws change over time I’ve become more libertarian and progressive over the last few years as I’ve become more selfaware


Im using the formal definition here, im not calling you nuts.

relative authoritarianism, as in an anarchist views me as a massive hulking authoriterian, were as a soviet communist would view me as a massive liberterian,


Are you Tony Blair :joy: