Hello other blokes and blokettes


I have joined this youthdebates website because it was suggested to me by my friend. I look forward to seeing other people’s views on politicians, referendums, elections and other matters.


Hi! Welcome to YD! How are you? :slight_smile:


I’m grand, thank you for asking.


Hello Joseph :smile:, welcome to the forums!


Hi brandon.


You’re welcome! Where do you stand on the EU referendum?


I am a liberal for leave as I don’t see much benefit in the EU other than not needing passports for holidays in Europe.


Fair enough. :slight_smile: Are you old enough to vote?


Unfortunately not but I do wish I was.



What are your political leanings?


Welcome to YD. I’m a liberal for remain.


I support the liberal Democrats as I don’t really like anyone else that much.


What benefits are there of remaining. I am only asking as I don’t really see much purpose in it.





Mateeeee, Labour is where it’s at.


I lost interest in labour when Corbyn took charge.


I have an admiration for Dennis Skinner as he says it how he sees it minus any kind of filter. But for me, that’s about it with the Labour Party. I may not agree with some of the Liberal Democrats at the moment but I agree with the Party’s ideology.


Eh, fairs.


That sucks. :frowning:

Well if you have any questions or issues, please send me a message whenever you like. :slight_smile: