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I did a full article about it.

Basically, to summarise what I said, pooling our sovereignty is a net benefit, the gains from further deregulation of the economy (if that even happens) are likely to be arbitrary and outweighed by the negative effects of uncertainly and the possibility of trade barriers (both tariffs and non-tariff barriers), we are a free-trading nation inside the EU and we’ll most likely become more protectionist if we leave, and that immigration is a benefit to the economy and our society.

Furthermore, I also went through some of the likely economic effects (bearing in mind I wrote this before the research by the OECD, IMF and the Bank of England was published) and the likely alternatives, and concluded that none of the alternatives are as good as EU membership.

Most importantly however, the most crucial message of my article is the potential damage that Brexit could inflict on our global influence, international relations and national security, and that it would ultimately weaken not just us, but Europe and the Western World at large.