Help decide where Soleil and I will holiday!

So for the first time in years, I can afford to take Soleil on a proper holiday this year. We’re going to go around school holidays in October. We (well I) am currently debating on where to go. Here are the options…which would you pick?

POLAND === My father is from Poland and I have always wanted to go there. Apparently I have a great-aunt that lives in Krakow and it would be nice to have some family that was mine, aside from my sister. I know a lot about my Mum’s family but almost nothing about my Dad’s. It would be nice to get to know something about the Z side of the family. It would also give me a push to learn more Polish, as I have been half heartedly trying to do lately.

BRAZIL === My mum lives in Brazil and it would be so good to see her! I haven’t been to Brazil since I was a child. Soleil and I both speak Portuguese already, so language wouldn’t be a problem.

TAHITI === Just because it would be a beautiful holiday for us. Restful and properly holidayish.

Editing to add that Brazil would be waaaay more expensive than Poland or Tahiti, because it is so much further but we could stay with Mum for free.

Tahiti. :smiley:


Brazil ~ She’d love to see you and her granddaughter for sure.

go see your mum…plus brazil is beautiful