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Ok, I am ditching Imesh. It never downloads the songs I need. Can anyone help me out? I need the following songs in the type of links that open the song and play it in Windows Media Player so I can burn them for my Sign Language class. Since there is no school Monday, I need them either tonight, tomorrow, or at the latest, Monday. Here are the songs and artists-

  1. Pledge Of Allegiance- Anyone
  2. The National Anthem- Faith Hill
  3. Hero- Mariah Carey
  4. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynnard Synnard
  5. Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?- Alan Jackson
  6. Chicks Dig It- Chris Cagle

Also, if you can, for Sweet Home Alabama, I noticed whenever I hear it, it starts out “1, 2, 3…” then the guitar starts. Well, I need it where it just starts with the guitar part, then it says “Turn It Up” or whatever. Thanks for any help guys.



Go to and download Limewire.

You can get all the songs, pictures, programs, porn or whatever else you want there.


I’ve done Limewire. I can’t figure out how to get the songs from LW to my Windows Media Player’s Burn List. So LW is out.


i got sweet home alabama if you want it. let me know how to contact ya so i can send it to you.


Just PM it to me lol.





What is BearShare??


Google search it, its a very nice program.


Thanks man. I’ll try it.


Thats what I use


bearshare is awesome!


but doesnt bearshare cost money a month. its not much at all. maybe your parents will put it on there credit card for you. i hear only good stuff about that program and no spyware.


nooo… there is the free bearshare. Its just as good.


Oh, good. I use the free ones, since I have no credit card. It sounds pretty good, I’ll download it later and try it out. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Re: RE: Help Finding These

[quote=redsMULLT1]Go to and download Limewire.

You can get all the songs, pictures, programs, porn or whatever else you want there.[/quote]

ive been using limewire since you told me about it in the mf chat long ago


Re: RE: Help Finding These

Download it, dammit. Make sure you know what location your music is being DLed to. I DL mine right to My Music folder. Then, open up WMP, click on Tools at the top, and then click on Search For Media Files. It should prompt for you to browse for the drive and folder you want to search, and then just find the folder you have your music stashed in, then click Search. It will automatically add all of it to your WMP. From your Media Library, highlight the songs you want to burn on to a CD, and then click on Copy to CD or Device on the left hand side of the player.

It’s that simple. It may sound like a task, but it’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

Get LimeWire


Now see!!! I didn’t know that :tard Thank you ma’am


Would anyone be able to download the song Sweet Home Alabama and gimme a link to it or something? I wanna listen to it but I can’t download anything right now kuz I’m on my gramps comp.


you can always go out and buy the album…


Well I need the songs on one CD, so I’m burning them so Mrs. Weidinger doesn’t have 45857432985732 CDs laying around and only need one song on each one.