Help, I have chips


I washed my car yesterday and noticed about two dozen small stone chips in the hood. The worst part is, it looks like they used a yellow primer coat so they really stand out. I don’t see chips anywhere else, only on the fiberglass hood. Should I take it back to the dealer and have them fix it? She’s only 9 months old with 18,000 miles on her. Has anyone else had problems with chips in the hood?

I will get pics up later today… but they are just chips… we all know what they look like


yea I got em too, it sucks… you can get that touchup paint in a bottle and dab a drop on each chip… it makes it look better but the touchup looks like ass


Ahh car cover her up dood!


Yeah Joe, I have the touch-up paint, and you’re right it looks like ass. I think I will see about getting my hood repainted in the spring. I think I will still take it back to the dealer to see if they will pay for it. Why the hell not?

And about covering her up, I don’t think so… she is too pretty to put away or cover up. I’ll just deal with the wear and tear she gets.


Ain’t no way in hell they’ll pay for it if it was caused from rocks or road debris. If it was just flaking off that would be another story. I got a couple chips in mine also and it sucks arse.


well my arguement will be that it only happens on the hood and there are soo many of them, like the paint didn’t bond well to the primer. I already had the dealership replace the top and switch out a motor for the rear passenger side window. They really seem to take care of problems fast and without hassle.


i have a 99 and the hood has chips, it might be from rocks b/c i go back and forth form the lake to town alot, but only i notice them.


the primer on my car is a white/grey color. my car is blue, but the chips are small, few, and far between


my new car has 1 chip :slight_smile: Im so proud… Not a dent or scratch on her. :slight_smile: