Help me blow some cash

So I got about $1200 back from income tax(more than I paid in…its good to be freinds with a CPA). Any way, There are 2 things I am torn between on spending it on. I cant deside between a digital SLR Camera and settup or a new computer. I built this computer in 2000 and its been good to this point but its getting kinda old and slow for what I want to do. I do a lot of CAD, programing, and general lets see what I can get out of this box sort of stuff.

I allso love nature photography. I have a pretty good point aqnd shoot camera although not quite as good as my last one. Ever since I got my first digi cam I have wanted a SLR. Would have only costed me like $50 more on my first one to get set up nice.

Basicaly I kinda need the new computer, but I have wanted the camera for about 5 years now. I am really torn. Help please

I’d buy the camera man. I’d buy a Canon EOS 20D. I have one and it works flawlessly.

Hey go with the camera.

Personally I’d go with the computer but thats just because I’d use it a hell of a lot more than the camera.

Get a computer.


okay, the computer.


Your content with the camear you have now, so thers really no rush, but you did mention that your computer is a bit buggy lately, so you should go with the computer before its to late, and you dont have one at all!

Really Jeff… Save yourself the Trouble of having to Pick one… Just send it to me :smiley:

Yeah… maybe the Computer :wink:

i reckon you should go with the camera. The camera, (for me at least) would be a very worthwhile investment, because [assuming you’re a good photographer] you could make a little money of your photographies.

take the camera :ninja: