Help me pick a color


Getting new wheels soon and need help with the color of them on a White car. FR500 racing wheels. can be seen here:

or this





totally the black dude… It will really set off the black accents on your car. Only way to go in my opinion :rock


i like the anthra-whatever stuff. i like teh black too. but the anthra-whatever a little more, plus if you can pronounce it , it would be cool to say “yeah, i got antra***** wheels yo”


I like the black


I put anthricite on there because the inserts of the Mach 1 wheel is gunmetal…anthricite looking.

Shit! This is hard!


Get the black ones, they would look awesome on your car. Get the anthricite color and send them to me, they would look awesome on my car :smiley:


black would look awesome!!!




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There you go…being a KNOB again! :smiley:


Fuck you


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[quote=RedStangGT2000]Fuck you

HAHA! Fucker! :fu


To be honest Steed I would go with chrome and blue :smiley: on your car my new rims are chrome and red :fu


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Chrome doesn’t look good on White…IMO


black. then you can send me the stock mach 1 wheels if youd like :smiley:


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you have chrome and red wheels?? any pictures?

oh and regarding the poll - black! especially the deep dish, they really look good


there still at Jegs


get the fugging black already


I think chrome looks best on white. But Black if I had to pic one of those.