Help me

help me choose a hair style…

Im going to Paris this month… i need a hair cut… something rock chick, choppy, funky, with a side fringe…

now i need help finding a style… my hair is shoulder length… don’t mind going shorter

I like this:

that IS good! …i likie lots!

Go with that one :wink:

I think it would really suit you. :nod:

OK, me too, I am probably going to just hang around here, but I want to impress my cats…I need help!! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1086607”]I like this:[/quote]

:homo: satin picks out such good styles for people:clap

I think I should have been a hairdresser. :smiley:

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1086607”]I like this:[/quote]


yeah that style looks great! go for it! Hair always grows back!

Oh, and I agree with the consensus, no more hiding that purdy face behind that hair :thumbup

I like Satin’s choice too. Go for it! :slight_smile:

you could also go with a classic chic style seeing as you’ll be in paris…a bob style like in the 60’s

yeah for some of you lucky ones it does…


no bobs this time round lol!

yea but when its THAT short… i cant tie it back… so its hat job til it grows

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1086607”]I like this:[/quote]

i really like this… but im concerned i got too much of a ball face to pull it off…

I think it would look good on your face…


Would suit your face perfectly. :nod:

but she has cheek bones and a jaw… i got a round face… i dont look it in that pic cos it slightly above…