Here it is, the YDP overhaul. Plz read. Plz


[QUOTE=“Christian.F, post: 371902, member: 2439”]How long do you think it will take before we may have an interest stream (if at all)[/QUOTE]
I really have no idea. Hopefully not too long.


[QUOTE=“Allegrif, post: 371903, member: 1”]I really have no idea. Hopefully not too long.[/QUOTE]
Me too. That interest was literally my only source of money for a long time


Hoping some Fascist figures get made into trading cards.


[QUOTE=“Vulpes, post: 371906, member: 3029”]Hoping some Fascist figures get made into trading cards.[/QUOTE]
They will.


Lovely overhaul!


Fucking sweet.


[QUOTE=“Allegrif, post: 371876, member: 1”]It’s just where yer’ stoof’s held.

Yes, this should have been awarded under the old system exactly the same.

Not me, but somebody might :D[/QUOTE]

I’m hoping I don’t get outbid on Griffin, Farage and David Duke :smiley:

I might snag some Kurdish leaders and Jew @Kurdos out of all his YDP



never forget ydp


Man, you just necro’d a 2 year-old thread.

Kill yourself. Please!


But I just want to debate.


necro all 2 year old threads to pretend its like the good old days ya


I thought for a few moments the admin was going to be intelligent and restore old YD, with YDP and Xenforo making a return. But no, someone just decided to be a necrophiliac.


This ^^ for 2 seconds until I started to remember it when I clicked it. And also,

I never got Mussolini ;(


Admin would have to be involved in the site at all for that to happen


you fuck