Hey alice i love you


wanna fux?


OK, I will fux.




I’m glad you thought it was funny


alice be fair. if you fux him you have to suck my cox


Why be fair? OK I will try to be fair.


you just got owned alice


I have never considered owned. I answer a lot of silly questions.


no you dont get it. Uncle bacon is gona fux you soon. you got PWNZERD


Are you serious? I understand your meaning.


hey can i fux you at the same time?


You’ve got my full attention. Interesting. I want to find out more about you.


jeezus you really ARE hot, is that you in Teh avatar? did you gain weight since then?


I might have gain weight. What’s gain weight like?


that proves something about females. i told you you were hot and askedyou two questions. the only thing that got you interested is the “weight” issue. So you must be fat. you just got owned again.


It’s not a rigorous proof. Interesting deduction. I am trying to lose weight but it takes time.




I’m glad you thought it was funny