Hey bacon


are you watching the opener Devils are up 1 zip hope you are seeing the game.wow make that 2 zip ,LETS GO DEVILS. :smiley: end of first Devils 2 Pit 0 :spank




:dunno :fu :smiley:


end of 3rd Devils up 3 to Pit 0 :woohoo


hockey is one of my favorite sports to play but watching it on tv is so boring just like most sports. now soccer is awesome to watch and football when i get the chance. baseball and hockey are boring to watch and so is basketball


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since its the end of 3rd i guess that means the games over since theirs 3 periods. :dunno


Devils won 5 to 1 over Pit. :smiley:


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I heard. The Devils destroyed the Penguins. Hopefully the AVs will destroy the Oilers tonight.


they did and good luck. :rock


I watched the 1st period then I wne out…LETS GO DEVILS!!!