Hey everyone


I know this is a off topic site/thread and I’m prolly more guilty than anyone here because I like to post whore but lets keep the topics on topic…its nothing to start a random thread and post whore about anything and everything but keep it on topic…I’m not making rules or anything but just be a lil respectful to the topic starter…on that note :fu and keep having fun



In fact. I’m going to go ahead and start a “random post whore” thread where you can ramble on about anything, everything, and yes… even NOTHING.

That way you guys can have a thread that has absolutely NO set topic and maybe we’ll learn to keep the random BS out of threads with a set topic in mind.

Sound good?


hell yes, it was getting annoying when you got into a topic only to have the replies off the original topic. then the topic died.


Re: RE: hey everyone

what do you expect? its OFFTOPICz.com


Is this a PW thread, too?


I made my game character already



Re: RE: hey everyone

what do you expect? its OFFTOPICz.com[/quote]

You’re just like every n00b at MF.

“this is the offtopic forum, that means I can start talking about chicken in a thread started to ask about digital cameras! I mean, it is the offtopic forum!”



ok, ill try not to talk about chicken in a thread started with asking about digital cameras…

but what about talking about digital cameras in a thread started with talking about chickens?

:lol j/k, ill try to keep it in the PW thread sticky… no garauntess tho :smiley:


we’re not saying not to whore it up…by all means whore a thread away just try to keep it on topic…this is not a rule…we aren’t trying to push rules because rules = no fun…its more of a matter of respect…show the person that started the thread a lil respect until they are satified with their responses…then whore it up…now whore away my lil minions


and my 2 cents is:

um… :wtf



I agree, it gets to pages and pages of useless babble :blah


nice sig lemon


But most of it is humorous.

I could care less if a thread that I start turns into a bunch of post-whoring, dysfuctional, second-rate, aimlessly-going-nowhere junk.








the end


yes but a couple people have complained a lil


That’s because they are goobers.

a bunch of poon snot.


well… :dunno