Hey Haus!

Get your ass over to the picture thread and post a picture for all us girls!!! Now dammit!

Theres alot of girls on here who havent ever seen a picture of you and alot of us that could stand to see another picture of you!!! :smiley:

Pretty please?

i agree!!!

Pretty pretty pretty please. :slight_smile:

WERD X100000000000000000000


i say we all PM him until he posts!

He’s dreamy.


I’ll PM him now.

well where the heck did he go?

This is the one he sent me


[quote=“BadBoy@TheWheel, post: 1088266”]This is the one he sent me


OMG I laughed so hard I think I woke up one of my nephews…hahahahahaha


I see you online haus :wink:

This thread is wall to wall failure :24:

Im telling ya! This blows :thumbdown

But your avatar is the shit :thumbup

I’ve seen a lot of haus pics that weren’t posted here :-p I not sharing either!

He’s pretty hot isnt he? :licklips:

Ive heard he’s a dreamboat.

Yeah Ive seen a few of Mr Haus i dont think alot of people have seen either, I agree he’s a hottie hes also not one to post alot of pics on the forum, however good luck getting a picture out of him girlies :stuck_out_tongue: