Hey Joe, when did you get banned from MF?


I didn’t realize Ralph and Amanda banned you. Can I ask what happened? I never heard the circumstances.


long story… to sum it up, me and joe both got banned for having these sites… can we say childish?.. lol


yeah i noticed the thread over there this morning. and that was nice of what you said Birdieman about joe helping make that site to what it is/was


Well, it’s true. he did help build that house. it’s really too bad.


it really aint the same w/o Joe and V. but, thats just my personal opinion.


:agree true that. that placed changed alot. i dont post much over there anymore but i still look at the forums. i normally dont stay at a forum to long after i sign up but MF was the first forum i really enjoyed mostly cause of the members. and thats the only reason i still lurk and post when i feel i have something to say. cause of the members that are still there that i enjoy chatting with and reading what they have to say.


ill take that as a compliment. j/k. but in all honesty though…i still love the place, dont get me wrong, but, Joe and V added ALOT of humor over there. especially between Joe and Bacon. but, i have nothing more to say. just glad Bacon got me over here.


what did the thread say? Anyone want to copy and paste it for me?


well its been locked yesterday and now i guess its deleted. nothing bad was said about joe. all nice things but sidewayz cleared it up to birdieman and just said joe, amanda and ralph went at it.



There you go Verni… :smiley:


sounds like you all got some ass jockeys over there on that Mustang forum. ehh typical of any forum i guess, except this one. everyone here seems pretty damn cool :smiley: