Hey MD i need help!


I just bought an olympus voice recorder W-10. It takes pics and records voice. Well i just recorded some files from my 98 GT with Catless X-pipe and SLP Loudmouth 1’s. Well everyone wants sound files so i went and bought a recorder. Well i can listen to them because my software i got with it converts them to .WAV files. Well when i send them it sends as a .VAL file. Any way to convert so people can listen to them??? Thanks. :wtf


I have no clue what a .val extension is. Do you have the .wav file on your desktop? I don’t understand how it would change to something different when you try emailing it… unless .val is a zip format but I dunno.

Tell me where its changing the extension.


There is software out there also that can convert just about any format into any other format. I’ve never head of the one you’re talking about though. It’s probably the camara’s own file type.


Ok, the software converts it so i can hear it. but when i try exporting the file to my desktop it keeps it as a .VAL file. So i copied it and then pasted it on my desktop and it stayed as a .WAV file. so i figured it out.


So, lets hear it Casper.


Check under Mustang section.


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Glad you figured it out. :rock


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