Hey Mullet Man


Lay it out on the table. Pics, times, mods list, everything.

Whatcha got done to the ElTee0n3?


Absolutely jack shat.

I have a CAI, no cats, and a flowbastard. Never ran the thing. Well, I run the piss out of it every day, but thats different. Doing a few mods before the 7th. Time is not on my side though. Probly gonna be half assed and break or run like shat. :dunno Can I list a big ass dent as a mod??? :lol

I wish I had 1 more month, it would be hooked up pretty good then. But no time right now.


Wow it’s like me. I have a CAI on my car with my header/exhaust and shifter sittin in the garage. :smiley:


Yeah, if I had 1 more month… I could add:
A LT-4 Hot Cam kit
Long Tube Headers
BBK Throttle body
4:11 in the rear

Would run much better. Right now I’m being realistic and shooting for 14’s. We’ll see soon tho!


BTW!!! I thought you were coming to the meet??? Am I wrong here? Your coming right? :dunno I need to have someone to bullshit with while I smoke my Kools. :smiley:


i hope he does come!! I want to meet his ass in person!


:funnah That kinda sounds bad there!!! I dunno if I would show up or not after hearing that! :rofl