Hey now

TIM!!! WHY does my name say newbie??? lol

Who esle did you do?

chEcK me OUt :booze

i saw yours and jans, and hrnb’s. LOL… But he did a round 2… lol… so who was his round 2 other than me?? lol

See what hapens when you give certain people too much power? He overruns the Queen :laughing

LOL Of everything he could have picked, I think he did the one that would hurt the most. :rofl :rofl

I think I’m safe, but I’d better check.

EDIT: Okay good. Me not :owned yet. :rock

lol… That dont hurt me at all. LOL. Maybe something like P**** lover or something would of hurt me or made me mad. :slight_smile: Its ok, I still have :hug him.

Be quiet my Biotch. :fu

I did 3 people the first round, and 3 people the second round
as you all have seen so far, I got Booze, StangMang and Tazzy…
This round I got Vern, Steed and Joe…

I hope you like the new titles fuggers :fu


haha!! I like joes!! lol…

checks to see if im owned

edit: what a relief

Well I’m glad you still wuv me… Joe might not like his name too much tho :rofl

The only reason I gave you that name, was because you said that you wanted your name changed to THA BOSS BIOTCH… so I took it in the opposite direction. :rofl

I hope you like your newbie status. :hug

Just wait until Steed see’s his new title… It’s a little payback for the “I think Tim is gay” thread. :fu

I like mine, “Fresh Meat”




ha hah hah ha! :rofl



:rofl :rofl :funnah :funnah :funnah


:rofl :rofl :funnah :funnah :funnah[/quote]

Be like Mike :think


[quote=horseshoeing]I like mine, “Fresh Meat”[/quote] :gay :rock :rock :rock

:laughing @ steed

hahaha steed is the site homo hahaha :gay