Hey! This guy has the same Stang as me


…and my same dumb luck, LOL.

PS, this vid is linked to nakie nake stuff, so don’t brows the hosting site if that kind of thing bothers you.


i bet that lady gave him a good talking-to when he got home.


and how!


that is a cool lookin dog. you could just be hanging out on the couch watchin tv and your dog layin next to you and puts its head in your lap for a good ol ear rub… someone walks in and is like, o shit, hes gettin a bj. that would be hilarious.


I was thinking more along the lines of driving in the car pool lane without getting a ticket, but …http://www.joehayes.org/forums/images/smiles/woot.gif


lol funnah


OK MISTER per vert heheheheheheheh try driving with out worry’ng about your DICK heheh :banana :banana


lol… Cute dog… if I was him, I would of not came home.