Hey Veronica,


When we come to the meet, is there anything that you need any of us to bring? Anything at all? Just let us know!


pleanty of booze…hahaha…


sleeping bags for bacons LOVE shack heheheheheheeh and lots of meat chips and WINE coolers :banana :banana :banana :smiley:


What are meat chips?
Wine Coolers are potent enought for me. Gotta have some Jack Daniels or Vodka or Long Island Ice Teas :smiley:


Re: RE: Hey Veronica,

Yep dont forget the dog biscuits :rofl


sorry that was Meat and chips hehehehe we cooked on the grill last time and it was Great


I was talking about Dog Biscuits so Bacon can feed his lovers :rofl


Anything that we could bring so our party throwers dont spend a fortune, we dont mind bringing with us.


Thats way cool im hoping its as good as it was last time … BUt i bet its gona be better :smiley: :smiley: … And bacon he didnt really sleep in the Tent hehehehehe …


Re: RE: Hey Veronica,

Let me guess he was in the dog house :rofl


Well i might better let him answer that one hehehehehehe :smiley: :smiley:


I would say something, but it would offend some people :think


:dunno I dont get it :dunno


It wasn’t a joke.


SInce i dont know you Viper i wont say but … Red are planing to go this year ??? we all remember the videos from last year :banana :banana :smiley:


I wouldn’t go…school…plus it’s in Georgia, and what with my parents not knowing V, my mom would do like when I have girls over here- “LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!!!” :rofl


Thats funny :blah :blah … Now Red what about you and who elses is going ??? this time


Re: RE: Hey Veronica,

I didnt think it was a joke. Im just saying I dont get what your trying to say but wont say.


mrs Behavin im trying to figure that out to what does he mean ??? seeing he wasnt at the meet last year :dunno :dunno


the whole dog thing was a joke and it seems to be going on still… :dunno