i just got some disturbing information from my mom that she may have breast cancer…

shes going in for an ultrasound biopsy (?) so that she and the docs can be 100% sure (the going figure is 95% from the docs right now, from what the docs done seen).

im just hping she pulls through this, and i ask that you wish her the best, and if you are spiritually inclined, talk with your religious figurehead.
i would appreciate any support.



I’m there for her brother, Best of luck to ya (and Her)




Any time :smiley:


Hopefully it’s just a cyst or something. My mom had a scare within the last year and I cried. I can’t imagine losing my mom… ever. Let alone when I’m only 20. Just pray for her and remember that breast cancer is VERY curable if she stays strong and they catch it early.


I’ll remember you both in my prayers. I’m sure it is a tough situation to be in. One good thing is that breast cancer is one of the few that is treatable, and even cureable cancers!! I hope you can have some hope in that!

Keep us all posted!


I’ll be thinkin about you. A friend of the family got it a few years back. In tribute, my mom does a 60 mile, three day walk that benefits the Cancer society.


Damn man that sux. I’m sorry to hear that…my wishes are with your family


Keep us posted and we’ll be thinking about ya. I know how hard that is. My grandma had breast cancer and it so terribly hard. I couldnt imagine having to go thru it again.


Hope your mom is ok dude!


well, thanks all for your support

she is a strong woman… :lol i know, im her kid…

but i think shes gonna do just fine… she just wants everyone to keep her in mind as she goes through this


damn dude, it mmust be tough. ive never been in that kind of situation before and it would be difficult for me to maintain composure for sure. i hope she gets well soon. good luck with this man.