Tonight is the first night in my brothers place. I won’t have internet on my computer until at the earliest tomorrow afternoon. So I might seem like I’m not posting as much. I’m almost completely out of my apartment now.

woo! me and my brother broke my entertainment center… and here I just threw the instructions away three days ago. lol


Lol, you will have to fix it by trial and error :smiley:


super glue, some wood screws, and a six pack… :booze


all you need is a hammer and some duct tape




there you go admitting your homosexuality again


your admitting your homosexuality? well I guess you couldnt stay in the closet forever.


lame come back…you see I’m dealing with amature hour around here…


All your comebacks, well the only one I should say, is “this is lame, I’m lame, that’s lame, people always look at me like I’m lame”


Re: RE: hey

Duct tape cures all!!! :smiley:


sweet, im just starting to move into my new apt today… i cant wait :banana


Re: RE: hey

Your Lame you have a V6 :gay


Shut your mouth cunt stain! :fu


:fu What did you read tht in a book


:fu Nope.


Did you google it :dunno


Face it, some people are clever. Like myself. :cool


Oh you asked the two year old down the street in trailer twelve :fu


Duh, that dudes got some good lines :smiley:


He gave me a joint yesterday :cool