is it me ??? or is your computer slow too???taking forever to load pics …keeps de logging me too…??? and no emoticons>>???


sounds like a problem with your computer nossy, emoticons are find and my server is teh win


i dont have any problems w/ the site!


me either. sites great




virus maybe???hey now i see the emotions :banana :banana :banana :dunno :tard :lol :funnah :rofl :rock :wtf :spank


dunno …sometimes my blue thing at the bottom takes for ever to finsh??? :dunno i could see some pics though that i couldnt awhile ago :wtf :gay <<<gm killer haha!


my computer here at work does the same thing, but at home no problems


NOS step away from the BONG


ya my PC is on NAWZ TO YO!


My wallpaper has changed since then, just formated when i took that picture. :fu


[quote=RedStangGT2000]NOS step away from the BONG[/quote]that chick can throat it…but we need a bigger pic of it…hehe! :banana