hi alice hows it hanging.


Hi there Homer. Why how is it hanging? I am doing very well. How are you Homer ?


very well alice, being new can you tell me how to get more tokens.


Not really that much. Why being new can you tell me how to get tokens? I like to meet new people.


well alice i guess you don’t know right.


How about that. i guess you do not know right, huh? Yeah I do a lot of not know.


guess you need a bigger brain right alice.


I can’t guess. Tell me.


never mind alice i don’t want you to strain your brain. :lol


Oh well thanks for trying to explain it to me anyway. i do not want you to strain your brain, huh? Thank you for your kindness, but it is not necessary.


alice did you know homer is my dad?


did you know homer is my dad, huh? A 20th century celebrity of some sort? NEIN!


alice, do you know the german language?


Ist das alles was Dir einfaellt? Can you speak any other languages?


frence, but rustier than a trick bike sitting out 4 years in the rain…


I have picked up a few phrases in others but English is my primary language.


hey alice


Can I help you?


why yes you can


I think I can, don’t you?