Hidden people?



dont ask you might have to be killed hehehehehehe :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: its a secret :lol :lol ( of course some will tell you any way )


Yeah i wont say anynames… vs… :lol


Your so sweet Matt :banana :banana


i hate keeping secrets… Jan hides herself… i dont know who else does?


I dont know why they hide their selfs… LOL… Everyone knows Jan hides herself and I wont name the other person… :slight_smile:


What’s the benefit in hidding? I don’t get it.


me either.

:dunno :dunno


I didnt ask you did I :dunno :dunno


i htink the solitaire benefit is to keep gmkiller form knowing jan is online :dunno


Thank you Blue that is the main reason but i didnt figured i need to keep explaining that :dunno :dunno :dunno


I didnt ask you did I :dunno :dunno[/quote]

You didn’t have to ask me. I’m asking what the benefit is. I see you now, so what’s the difference if you hide sometimes and not others. I’m asking you to explain it to me because I have no clue about it. When you say hidding, do you mean just here on the forum, or all over the internet?


what does it matter ??? im invisible on Yahoo as well would you like to broad cast that one too???


I don’t have to because you just did. :laughing


Really that pot calling the kettle black :dunno :dunno


Jan, what does the saying, “pot calling the kettle black” have anything to do with this conversation? Are you on crack? :wtf


are you guys just talking about hiding identities on the net/forums or what?




oh cool, thanks for explaining :lol :asshole