Hilton-lohan phone conversation.... must listen to it




:lol Nice! That was HOT!


k so i don’t have speakers…

What is she saying? :booze


yall are fucked up!! I had my ear in the speakers trying to listen LOL


lmfao :rofl


i did the same thing but i was at work. when it started to yell i tried to turn it down so fast. people came into my office as was like “what the hell was that” i was just laughing my ass off and we did it to a few more people in the office. were i work it is pretty kick back most of the time.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha my friend and his girlfriend were in the next room, i had the speakers full blast!!! :wtf hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaa


lmfao the same thing happend to me when i first seen it a lil while back, except it was a girl i was kinda goin out with, it was jus too funnay. :lol


ramhard loves gay porn? :dunno


No way man, i likes me some puunany… :hump


Darn, I wanted to hear the gossip and that mean man interrupted! lol. Good thing I was home alone or the whole house would have heard that!


Damn…I am here in the office and had the speakers turned way up trying to here something…I had to fumble around and try to turn it down. I am sure a few of my co-workers think differently of me now!!!..LoL…yep good one!!!


fuckin smelled that a mile away and i’ve been smoking the wacky tobaccy…whatcha gonna do about that. it pays off.