History of religion:

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History of Religion

Good link. Religion has started more wars than everything else combined (not necessarily a fact, but something I believe to be true). Which is why religion is complete hypocrisy to me, and one of the biggest reasons I don’t believe in organized religion.

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But 5 religion, 5,000 years and no nound is much too little.


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What he said

at the heart of these religions is the belief in peace. it’s everyday people with weak tendencies who skrew it up after christ, buddah, muhammad, with their own conquests and choices on what they compromise as to who your neighbor is when they say “love thy neighbor”. they only speak of their tight little groups and not the world, when the origional message for to love all. one of my favorite writers (keirkegaard) said not to look at the borders of the mirror. over time, people put nicks and cuts all along the border, till it is so hideous, that one does not look into the mirror anymore, but only stares at its atrocious outcome. instead of seeing that its all about loving one another and giving respect to all ideals, they see war and famine and death. i blame not the idea, but i blame man for not being worthy enough to actually live in accordance with it

i do agree with part of this, “organized” religion is kind of a joke. one does not need to congregate with others, at a place, at a specific to time, confess, and all that junk, but instead should wander the earth, giving good will, and helping the best they can.
as for religion starting war, thats like saying religion started the war in iraq. one could say its christianity against islam, perhaps its a radical form of both, but i think it has less to do with religion over the years, then it does oil, land, greed, power. religion did not teach them to do this, jesus says nothing like this, nor buddah, but it is man behind the veil of hypocracy

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