Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit for the 99-00 b16a2 Civic Si…

52 more peak horsepower
40 ft. lbs. more torque

for $2,595.00

Not too bad actually. That’s about a grand cheaper than any turbo kit out there, and I’m too lazy to try to deal with piecing together my own turbo kit.

With bolt ons, the power levels will increase as well.

*considers adding that to his “I GOTTA HAVE IT, DAMNIT!” List…






:dunno just felt like posting that.



40 more HORSEPOWER! :o


That’s on a stock engine, just remember that SC takes power to make power.


Re: RE: hmmm

roger dodger




that number gap shouldnt even be close.

2 horsepower loss for extra belt thingy thingy

1000 more horsepower for the bOOOST!?


it takes way more than two horses to run a pulley belt like that. I will be removing the AC though, so that’ll help on top of it.


Damn, is this deja vu, or did a thread identical to this one get posted? :wtf


That’s not bad at all Si. I say go for it! And yeah, I know what you mean about the taking power to make power. I read somewhere that on a Top-Fuel dragster it takes almost 900 horsepower just to spin the blower. Of course, when the engine is making over 7,000 horsepower… ahh, what’s 900 horsepower here or there?


Oh wait, nevermind. It was this post. I knew it seemed familiar. :tard


:funnah but i say go for it SI.


Oh… yeah. I found it cheaper elsewhere.

SC price: $2,549.00
Ground shipping: $47.12

Total $ 2596.12 total. Then all I’d need is a Walboro 255 lph pump, larger injectors, Chipped P28 and a FMIC.