Its pretty lonely around this mutha tonight… :dunno


I wonder if it must be payday around here for some people and they’re out spending $


I’m here. Just waiting for some new topics.


Well make some shite up or sumthin… I’m sick and bored.


Ummm…I went to work today then came home and now Im eating some pizza from CiCis and talking w/ you dillholes! :smiley:


I went to work… stayed till noon, and left. I felt like ass. Got a stomach virus or sumthin. :dunno


Okay then you stay way over there on your side of the town. I dont wanna be sick :barf


ok… thanks. Hey!!! You work at a hospitol!!! Aren’t you supposed to be all, “I can help you” or some shit like that? Awww now!!! Thats just wrong!!! :lol


I went to work and worked all day. It was cool.

Then I had to tell my dad that I didn’t want a full time lead tech position so he began looking through his applications.


Thats cool.


I can’t wait until Friday! I want a new J O B!!!


yeah i felt sick because I over assumed what he was trying to tell me the other day. We cleared it up and I said I didn’t want that kind of responsibility because my learning curve on such a broad range of products/services is stretched too thin.


Re: RE: Hmmm

Well, yeah, Im suppose to, but, its gotten to the point now when I see someone walking in thats needing to see a Dr., Im like ,“Oh great another pt.” I feel bad but I think people misuse the ER. People use it like a convienent care clinic and it gets old. People come in all the time for toothaches and ingrown toenails and stupid shit like that all the time that I just really dont have any sympathy left in me for the true emergencies. Thats bad isnt it?


I hear that bub. I’ve turned down a job because of that, but in a different field of work. Aircraft painting.


Re: RE: Hmmm

Dood… I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVAH!!! want to go to your hospitol if I have an Emergency!!! :lol


Yeah, I hear National Park Hospital is better! :rofl :rofl


I wanna go to an out of state hospitol!

Nah, if anything ever happends I usually go see my mom and she fixes me up.


honestly, im not here posting much b/c im at MF in the live chat room. sorry for being a “traitor” but c’mon joe, we need a chat!


I could talk you guys ears off!


Re: RE: Hmmm

I could talk you guys ears off![/quote]

I feel sorry for teh bossman :lol