Holy crap! (american idol)

OMG Bon Jovi Night was AWESOME! I think I seriously just creamed in my panties after watching the boys…woooooooo.

I disagree.

Also, Phil got voted off. What the hell is with that? VFTW has to go to Lakisha now, and that sucks.

ALSO! The gayness between Chris and Blake? “I’d leave the show for him”! WHAT! THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE. You can’t be gay on mainstream TV!

And Bon Jovi! HONK. I don’t even get that. He was a bit useless throughout the show. He’s preventing the aging okay, I guess, but he sounded a bit irrelevant. Who talks like that?

I don’t even get the show past the auditions. It boring for me…and just end up waiting for the last episode

I dont watch that stuff. I cant stand hearing some of those folks sing. ear muffs

I don’t watch it either…

I am forced to watch tooth picks in the eye lids to much estrogen in the house.:crazy:

Fortunately this is one of the few reality shite programs the missus dosen’t watch so at least I get a rest from this one!