Holy hell - the scare of a lifetime

FUCK I hate cockroaches!

I just went in to check on Soleil before I went to bed and the hugest massivest cockroach EVER is just sitting on her bed. Insert panic here

So I’m standing there, frozen, wondering what the hell I do! There’s an umbrella but if I start wildly bashing her bed whilst screaming like a maniacal banshee as I would ordinarily do, I am liable to a) wake Soleil up and b) hit Soleil too. I swear on my life the fucker was taunting me too. He was looking right at me, little tentacles just swinging. I eventually picked up Soleil’s slippers and scooped him into one and then bashed the life out of him in the next room, all the while holding in the urge to scream obscenities at high volume.

Logically I know it’s only a tiny bug that doesn’t even bite, but holy hell those things scare the bejeezus out of me!!! And now I also have to buy Soleil new slippers. Not to mention, I need to call an exterminator because our flat is anal retentively clean, so there is no reason a cockroach should even be in here. Nasty little buggers.

I hate cockroaches!!! My heart is still racing. I’ll never sleep now.

EEK! I would have FLIPPED haha.

Ya I’d totally get an exterminator or atleast a bug bomb…if those work on cockroaches. I have no clue if they do or don’t.

Good luck though.

They are nasty creatures.
My wife is like that about bugs & mice.

LOL i hate those little fuckers as well! i scream everytime i see one. here in texas we have roaches that are over an inch long (we call em tree roaches). well i went into the bathroom and started to undo my pants when i saw one and ran out of the bathroom with my pants unbuttoned! screaming and running my dispatcher just looked at me and all i could say was roach kill it please kill it.

The bathroom is the worst place for those type things.


Sometimes I hate Australia!!

omg, I think you and I are the same. Cockroaches scare me more than anything else. I slept in a wooden chair for 3 nights once 'cause there was a cockroach in my room.

I HATE roaches too!!! urg!!!

I’ve never even seen a cockroach. And I hope never to have that honor either. Ughhhhhhhh…

Trust me… spiders are bad enough.

Spiders ARE bad enough. Especially in Australia.

DAMN! Break out the bug spray!

I honestly can’t imagine having never seen a cockroach before. They’re everywhere here, even in clean houses. My little brother is terrified of them. We came home one day and he was standing on his bed with a bat. When we asked him what he was doing, he said that he had smashed one with a bat but since it was by his door he didn’t want to walk past it. He was about 16 at the time. When he was little, if he was a roach in his room and didn’t kill it before it disappeared, he would sleep at the foot of my bed until he killed one. Didn’t matter if it wasn’t in his room, he just needed revenge.

I have tried to convince MoonOwl that keeping a few of those big hairy spiders around the house keeps the cockroaches at bay.:willy_nilly:

She aint buying it though.:unsure:

It’s true. I haven’t. I’ve seen mice, spiders, ants, ladybugs, centipedes, and other various bug varieties… but never a cockroach. :dunno

You are very lucky. Cockroaches are ugly disgusting motherfuckers who all deserve to die.

[quote=“PoopaSwoof, post: 1097767”]I have tried to convince MoonOwl that keeping a few of those big hairy spiders around the house keeps the cockroaches at bay.:willy_nilly:

She aint buying it though.:unsure:[/quote]

Well, maybe I do…

I’ve found hairspray works well on a roach. Especially a really sticky kinf. They get all gooped up and can’t run as fast so they’re easier to stomp on.

Carpet cleaner kills them too. If, you know, you run out of bug killer in the middle of a long weekend and have nothing else with which to exact genocide on the roach species.

I’ve never seen a mouse inside a house before (my dad did step on one at a Disney park). A friend of mine called me once saything that he had a mouse in his apartment and asking what he should do. I told him I had no clue because I never had to deal with one. He wasn’t too happy with that answer.

I live in the country. We had mice only once. The door to our crawl space blew off during a storm and the little mice clamored in for safety. We put the door back on and of course you don’t know what could have gotten in there until you have a problem.

It started out with hearing scratching under the kitchen sink area. Our indoor cat would stalk that cupboard. One day I was opening the cupboard to get the dishsoap and there a cute little mouse stood staring back at me. My cat just sat there and looked as the mouse jumped up the side of the interior of the cabinet and disappeared.

I bought D-Con that night. Never heard or saw a mouse again. :smiley:

“Cute little mouse”?!?! Ugh. You define cute differently than I do!