Holy Hell!

John and I just went down to the gas station- I went because it was thundering and I didn’t want to be alone. Well, we get there and I’m waiting in the car because it was pouring by then! And when John came back out, it started hailing! So we pulled under where the pumps were to hide, and my window was facing where the hail was coming from! Y’all it was so scary! Within five minutes, it went from cloudy, to rainy, to hailing to rainy and then all the way to sunny!

I hate storms!

That is scary… that’s tornado weather. :thumbdown

i like storms

I seriously thought a tornado was going to come down on top of us! I was freaking out. I called someone to see if we were under any watches or warnings. It came out of no where!

I lcoed it when I went america between the hurcains its ace :stuck_out_tongue:

Atleast nothing bad happened… Be careful!

I love storms too as long as its not a tornado threat, thunder and lightning though are awesome especially at night

I’m terrified! Always have been. I crawl under the covers and hide! I was thinking it was about penny-sized hail, and that’s what weather.com said, but I didn’t know that was an actual comparison. Any bigger and I think we’d have been in some serious trouble!

When me and my dad first came to america charlie went the day b4 we got there and then the last flight out was mine and my dads just before it came

We evacuated for Isabelle in 2003 and I rode out Katrina from where I am now in 2005. Katrina didn’t hit us so bad, we just had to evacuate the top few floors of my dorm. I was on the top, 10th floor, so we went down to the lobby and someone brought their tv and DVD player and we had a “hurricane” party. Maybe had a half a day off school for that one.

When Isabelle came through, it was awful! We lost parts of our roof, there was no power for over a week. We couldn’t even get home at first because the only rode to our house had a whole tree laying across it. We live just up from the Outer Banks and that was the storm where we lost some highways and all the people on those islands were stranded… So not cool.

Not a big fan of those either.


Same here. Had a friend who was an amateur storm chaser for a bit. Seriously considered joining with him.

I enjoy the storms in NYC, especially at work where I am on the 24th floor… It is even neater to look at.

I don’t like thunderstorms and particularly when under a tornado watch.

I don’t like being out driving in hail because it can screw up a car, but otherwise I love crazy ass storms like that.

I have only been caught in a hailstorm one time out driving. It was within this past year.

The storm hit so fast and hard that I thought the windshield would break! All the cars around came to a stop right in the streets until it passed. That in itself freaked me out. I was waiting for someone to plow into stopped cars behind me. I wanted to look for somewhere to park under (like the gas station awnings or a car wash) to prevent hail damage and get off the street.

We were all lucky. It passed within minutes. The roads were slick with giant hail balls.

It was not fun at all.