HOLY SHIT @ the shell game high score


omfg matt :hump the hell outta the shell game :rock


?? :dunno


:banana hehe, that took about 2 hours to get i’m thinkin, for the last bet i wedged a key under teh enter key and just did meh stuff at work for about 30 mins.


holy cow!! You really kicked some ass!! lol


i thought you had to click for that gamne…howd you use the enter key to do that??


click the 50 thousand button, then tab until its highlited, then wedge a key or somehitn under the enter key.


Haha thats what i did also :smiley:


oh crap, i completely didnt think of that… next time i play im gonna go for a trillion!


all i gots to say is you better have a lot of time ob your hands


i dont even feel like trying to win it back :wtf i thought noone would top my score :lol


yeah, if some one wins, lettem have it, took way too much time to get that high.


yeah i was going to go for it, was close, but then i have to leave my house to go out and i figured that was a little more important than the shell game :gears


That game is pretty weak anyhow… there is no challenge.


when i was trying to beat the high score when it was around something like 3 hundred million, i clicked the button on the mouse, then i got in the
billions and tried to submit my score and i got an error reading, after that
:fu shell game


game may be removed soon, anybody against it


noone plays it anymore. i ay delete it.


yea replace with something new :smiley: