Holy SHIT this is cool *vid*





I remember back in my day when I could do that :tard


That dude is a freaking android. That was sweet.


thats pretty cool. :banana


Kid has too much time on his hands


he was on a 7 11 commercial for a new slurpie call frogger or somethin


that was pretty cool!


Hmmm and I had a hard time remembering the entire Macarena :smiley:


how do these guys learn that stuff??

that was pretty awesome


he doesn;t play video games all day at offtopicz hahaha


:funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah poor art


I thought that was quite funny myself hahaha :rofl :funnah :rofl


yeah i actually laughed out loud at that. that was pretty good. :lol


I’ve been known to have a funny joke or 2


hehe, touche

though i must say, before OT came along i actually had hobbies :smiley:


Glad ya’ll liked it. :smiley: