Holy Shit!


Rice at it’s finest :smiley:




and thats why nos/man has the ak47s…


It just scares the fuck outta me to know that these people are driving :smiley:


Maybe its just me, but I wouldnt get caught dead in any of those. Especially the last one.


thats for the [racist rant] black people who buy 500 dollar cars and 2000 dollar wheels to prove they are gangsta [/racist rant]

BTW rice is appearance detailed japanese or imported vehicle with no performance mods.


Holy shit! Custom dubz at it’s finest!



Re: RE: Holy Shit!

At least they’re driving SOMETHING! :rofl


I’d have to get a running start or a step ladder to get up in those bastids. Hell, I’d drive them, as long as they got me from point A to point B…

… without gettin shot at


Not I. I’d rather drive a Metro or take a cab before I risk my life riding in one of those. When I say risk my life, I mean being shot at.


PM you are scary…I wouldn’t be caught Dead or alive in one of those fucked-up-dick-sucking-gangsta-wanna-be-rice-masters :smiley:


thats insane… as far as i know 28" is the biggest wheel on the market now… what happens when they hit thirty’s… they cant call them dubz still, can they?


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I wonder if that’s the same thing they say about you. Have some respect, kiddo.


too high for a car…


Re: RE: Holy Shit!

At least they’re driving SOMETHING! :rofl[/quote]