Honestly folks, How many tokers we got out there?


I will admit I have a tendency to indulge in a little puffpuff on the weekends. :smiley: <<<<Thays me cheezin right about now. Damn I gots da munchies!!!


done it a couple times- drinking is better though, it isnt quite as illegal. :booze


I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of any smoking material either legal or illegal in my possesion at any time… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


haha… I use to, but havent since i had kids. :slight_smile: Drinking does the trick just fine… speaking of that… I want a smirdof… :slight_smile:


I’ve been known to puff the magic dragon now and then.


I’m a stick in the mud. Never have, never will. Not worth losing my job over.


thats exactly how joe is!! I havent done it in about 5 years.


Well, all through highschool, I did it maybe 5-10 times tops. Then here about 2 years ago I transfered departments at work and ended up working with an old highschool buddy. He never quit smoking and he kind of reintroduced me to it. Ive been smoking on the weekends and ocasionally during the week every since then.


:agree Never done it, never will. We are taking about the weed, right?grabs another Yuengling


whats your job? if you dont mind me asking. i dont some stupid shit drunk, so ya count me in. plus im in college who hasnt


:agree im proud of the fact i never once tried it. it never interested me. i have a few people in my family that are some what into weed. i have friends that at one time very much into that stuff and alot of other stuff. some of them are still into it. buti choose not to be around it. does this make me better than every one thats did it. nope. just my .02


Good man Haus!


:booze = :tard

http://www.msnemotions.org/emoticons/nature/weed.gif = :cool


I tried it but i have bad nerves havent used it again … But it did relax my nerves and relieve the stress only reason i would us it again …


thats the whole point of it! kick back, smoke a j, chill out. i dont know, maybe its just me but i like how much more it makes me think about stuff without even trying. its like going on autopilot. you naysayers should really try it out…


Hey Haus, I respect you for that. I dont regret ever smoking though. If it were legal I would be a total pothead. I like it better than drinking because I dont et the headache, indigestion, naciousness or any of the other symptoms that go with a good drunk. I will say that I like being drunk I just dont like the side effects that I mentioned.


Date a Nurse and you will never touch drugs again. They kill you, as for beer I don’t get much of that either :dunno


My wife works the ER here and there are more accidental and intende ODs on prescription drugs than any other drugs.


I smoke :smiley:


<— sticks to cigarettes.

no wacky tobaccy for me.