Honestly, people?

If you work in the health care system, I don’t mean you. But why is it that a majority of these people drive me up the wall?

I walked up the Ms. Eighties Hair at the desk and had the following conversation:

Me: “Hello, could I have a medical release form so I can get some information from my other doctor?”
Lady: “Sorry, we can’t do that. All patients are responsible for getting the forms themselves and faxing them to their other doctors.”
a beat
Me: “Um. Okay. Do you have a medical release form?”
Lady: “…yes.”
Me: “Can I have one?”
Lady: “…yes.”
Me: “Great! Could you fax this out for me?”
Lady: “…okay.”
Me: “Awesome. Thanks so much.”

Christ on a cracker! Was that really necessary?

Also, as much as I love needles, for some reason when I am getting blood drawn I am torn between finding it absolutely fascinating, and screaming in my head PUNCH HER SHE’S TAKING YOUR BLOOD PUNCH HER. That could just be me, though.


i am always facinated by giving blood … but i hate needles lol

I give my blood to no one. You have to battle me for it.

Sounds like Ms Eighties Hair is living off one brain cell. lol

Too much Aqua Net in small areas will do that to you. nodz

well normally your test results are faxed to your doctor the day after the results are in so you should not have to go and pick them up your self. The only reason that you would have to is if your PCP(Primary care physican) is not on there verification list. But it is upto your DR. to get the results not you.

See, that’s where the issue comes in. I don’t actually have a primary care physician for this whole thing. So I end up having to do a bunch of stuff myself, because the medical professionals that know about this whole endeavor are therapists, not doctors.

Longgg story.

then try this next time you get a order for blood work ask the person writing the order if they can write please fax results to the Dr.'s office and to write GRTP(Give result’s to patient) that way even if the results don’t end up at the Dr.'s office you still have your copy and you can fax them your self.

i pass out almost every time i have blood taken… which is why, in turn, i dont do it unless absolutely necessary

Oh, and! Matt’s insurance also doesn’t cover this. I love spending thousands of his dollars on my problems (not).

I work in the lab so I give blood as QC’s and other test plus I have AB+ so need less to say at 31 I am getting alot of scar tissue around my veins. Do you fill out a ABN(Advance benificary from) sometimes if your insurance does not cover the test cost tell them you are self pay and the test are given to you at a lower price I have seen around 50-65% less.

Hm. I’ll look into something like that, I guess.