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Alright I am not sure if this thread belongs here but it seemed pretty close. I just got a new gfx card today (GeForce 6800GT) and most things are working. I installed all drivers and such as well. However, when I run a graphic instense game like CS:S or Battlefield 2 textures and such don’t show up. So I am pretty much just seeing a cross hair walk around a black world with a few trees or soemthign here and there. Anyone have any suggestions?

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maybe post this in the computer tech section too. lemon may be able to help you out with this computer stuff. im sorry im of no real help


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I had that same problem once with a game. But since you said you had all the updated drivers, i’m not sure what to tell you, since mine was a driver issue. I would double check on nvidia.com to make sure you have the newest ones


a site mod can move this to the computers & technology section, if they so choose too, but i can understand your reasoning in putting it here: its a game problem, so …

hmm, the geforce 6800 gt should be able to handle those games and their textures and other game related data.

check the ingame settings, and turn them down to the lowest available, usually “low” etc, and then work your way back up. post back with the results if you dont mind :dunno

the other part, though ( which is why i might see why site mod’s might put it in the compe & tech section ) is because maybe by the time your person ( in the game ) moves, the time it takes it to read the game data from the memory is just too much for the game, so it goes on the next data manipulation ( 3d verticies, lighting, anti-aliasing, etc :smiley: … but that should be on the card, not in system memory ) … and if you have a geforce 6800, im assuming the system is pretty accomodating to the graphics card:

pretty recent processor: intel p4 3+ ghz / amd 3000+ …
pretty good size and speed of main system memory: at least 2 gigs @ ddr400 speeds.
a fairly recent hard drive with 8mb caching, and 133mb/s ( if not sata@150mb/s) so that the drive can prefetch and then send the data to memory at a good clip

what size monitor are you running, and at what resolution/refresh rate?

hmm, that is definitely odd that a 6800gt is doing that… :dunno

if you get it replaced, maybe i can take it off your hands :booze


lemon knows his computers :smiley:


First off thanks for all your help. I will try to answer your questions the best I can. I am not exactly a technical person.

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y33/DeadKraz/help/help1.jpg -that is some of my system properties.

These pictures are ones I got from EVGA’s support page

Here are some screenshots from Counter Strike Source. The first one is of what the console has in it and the second is just what the world looks like.

Finally here is a screenshot of BF2 and how it looks to me at the moment. (all settings are on low btw)

I hope this information has been useful. I really have no idea what to do. And again thanks for all the help!

Edit Oops forgot to include monitor specs.
Compaq Presario MV500 Color Monitor and screen resolution is at 1024x768


i wonder if you need to change the refresh rate on your monitor? some games only function properly on a certain refresh rate, like 60hz or so


The refresh rate on my monitor is already 60hz.


Just for shits and giggles, try changing the gama setting in the game options.


Hehe, well that didn’t really help :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm, you have a 64 bit processor, im assuming from the amd 64 part :rock

i noticed a nice little green icon down at the bottom of your screen, in the “notification” area of the system task bar. that is the nview application, if im not mistaken. can you get me a couple screenshots of that?

and tim, id say that might be it, but in the bf2 pic, there is one triangle loaded with the “texture” as they call it in the gaming world, and that looks fine, which would indicate that it is not a gamma problem, but kraz, for shits and giggles, play with it on your monitor, and in the nview program as well. but it may not do much. ( i used to have nview, but now i just use the plain drivers, no nview stuff. )

keep us updated on this issue. games are important :smiley:


well, you said the gamma thing didnt do much, so :tard

hmm… a triangle is loaded with a brick wall:

what graphics library are you using: directx or opengl?

maybe updating those libraries will help.


I am using OpenGL at the moment. How do you update those?
Here are some pictures of things that pop up when I click on that icon.


this is very puzzling, because a triangle, textured, and apparently lighted, is shown :dunno

was this game included in the geforce6800 bundle?

and you can download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website… look for drivers and see if any mention something like “latest opengl drivers”

does the other game ( cant remember exactly what you said it was, im wanting to say counter strike ) use opengl or direct x?

also, can you choose to use dx or ogl in bf2?


In CS:S I use OpenGL. This game worked with my other graphics card so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work with this one.
I went into Source and this popped up about CPU speed and system RAM


take a look at the original:

and this is after one fill area modification:


a little background info:

  • video cards, like the geforce 6800gt, have their own memory on the graphics card. this is for two things: what to send to the monitor on a refresh, and memory for the mathematical work (lighting, 3d -> 2d, … ).

the first memory area that holds the pixel color information ( whats sent to the monitor every refresh ) is an issue. the white space you see in the second picture is where the memory was empty ( which results in a black pixel ). this is because something is not writing to that memory in time for a refresh.

what we need to do is figure out why that something is not writing to that memory.

  • during installation of the card, did you scratch anything on the card, bend anything? ( that you can tell )
  • during installation of the games, did anything go wrong?
  • are there any game patches available for the games from the makers’ websites?


I don’t believe that I scratched or bent anything when I put it in my case. The games were already installed though. This was just a case of switching graphic cards. Battlefield 2 has an option on the startup menu to download a patch. However, the patch is older than the one I have so I don’t know if I should or not.

Ok the patch didn’t do anything. But I notice that when I first start up I can see the map like it is suppose to. Then a few seconds later it all does that black thing.


if it isnt a problem, reinstall the games. and by problem, i mean accounts for online play etc.


I just tried reinstalling BF2 and the results were still the same.