Horse power Help


Im a proud new owner of a 98 mustang V6. I know i want to put a cold air intake on it, any suggestions on the name brand and any other horse power add ons.


ebay. cai’s offer minimal gains ranging between 5-8 hp, so for the best deal, a kit off ebay for under 50 bucks. it looks awesome and i wouldnt spend 100-200 or > bucks on stuff like k&n FIPK for your car or tunable induction (densecharger).


Yea i had looked on ebay to for a cai and saw that they were cheep but didn’t know if a certain name brand was better?


some big name brands that overstock list the same product under a pseudonym brand (ebay brand) (noname brand) to sellt he product cheap without pissing off loyal customers… in otherwords, brand doesnt matter, just make sure it is for your year and engine size and it is a 30minute install.


it would be real helpful if you pm HotrodsNBooze, he has a website page with the step by step directions of most major v6 bolt-ons, including cai.

but if you are set on name brands for some reason- BBK, MAC, Densecharger… to name a few.


Ok thanks man, i should be buying one some time, but im taking my stang to the dealership because they have to fix my driver side door. I think the window is off track and is keeping the door from shutting flush with the door-jam. Also my power-steering pump is making alot of noise when i turn the wheel, so i went to see how much a new pump would be and its only like $45 wich isnt that bad at all!!! I can put that in myself no need in leting the dealership guys do it and charging me for it.


i wouldnt let the dealer do any work on your car unless you cant do it yourself- as for the cai- do it yourself. as for the steering noise, check the shocks too.

for a greater understanding- i told you at school about my exhaust- header/cat- well its the cat- read ym thread called dammit and you wont want to go to the dealer unless andy jones does it for free.

but the air intakes come with instructions and it couldnt hurt for you and your dad to spend time together doin it you know? its always good to pick up on mechanical skills- your kids will need your help someday…


That sucks that you had to pay that stupid fee, i wish i could have seen what they did when u told them what a rip off it was!!! So is your stang back up and running good?

Im definatly getting a cai i figured it would be an easy install, and hope fully soon i will have the money to get flowmasters. Since magna-flow dosent make it for my year.


This weekend i went to get a spair key made for my mustang cause they only gave me one when i bought it. I get home later that night and i went to test it figuring it would work. well i put the key in and tried to crank it and the theft light came on and it was like the motor wouldnt turn over. I guess the factory key has a security chip or sumthin and i dont know if im gonna have to go through ford to get a new one? Cause i dont want to have to deal with crap like u had to with ure cat. Any suggestions? :dunno


i need new keys too once, and i think my alarm guy was able to take care of it.


ford-issued keys are over $100 bucks

the car runs fine, just un-muffled on the right side. i kind of like it though. im on the fence on if i should bypass the cats or patch it up.


$100- that sucks!!!

Well i would just bypass the cat if you like the sound it makes!! Its all about what sounds good when it comes to exaust. That reminds me Harrison came over and said your car sounds like crap!!! and i was like yea id like to see your car and if it even real. He acts like his is the coolest!!! im like u know all we would have to do is turbo charge our cars and would have just as much horses as you! And hes like id still beat you!! This sounds like somthing we need to tape and post on the forum! We will see how his sounds if it is even real!!!


yea harison has an 02 black gt- or atleast his dad does. i dont get real worked up over him dogging my car, its kind of immature of him, especially since he doesnt even have his liscense yet.

anything from ford is atleast doble-priced

and i care more about my exhaust than just sound. thats the main reason i went with magnas instead of flows. flows are louder but dont perform as well as magnas. magnas are lower and deeper. i love my choice.

for now, im leaving the car with the blown cat. i’ll see if my cousin and i can patch it this weekend. if not, bypass and it will be loud. i dont like the elak though, im choking on CO.


and i dont think im going to race an 02 gt with my 99 v6 and tape it- im pretty sure id get my ass handed to me. i like to think of it this way: im damn proud i bought and pay for all aspects of my car at 16. what does harry have to say about that? i have too much pride to go and be an ass by racing someone with a way faster car stock for stock than me. my cai and exhaust add around 10 ponies, the pully and gears i want to do are good for 20 and faster accel to powerband. for me, it is just a matter of time. by summer’s end, ill have the gears, u/d pulley, and the 18x9 and 18x10 chrome bullit wheels with eibach pro kit. i may even get some drag radials out back for my deep dish bullits. ill get more in depth with my wish list when the money starts coming in. i wish i got paid more.


yea, i didnt mean your exaust sounds bad i ment if u like it and how it sounds now cool!!! heck, if they made magnaflows for 98 mustang i would definatly without a doubt get them over flow’s!! Harrison is imature and is still walkin to school till august, and im moving this summer so i wont even have to look at his/his dads mustang!!!


Yea dude, u have my respect by paying for all your car stuff and your only 16. I was talkin about if you ever supercharged or turbocharged you car to race him. I want to pay for all my stuff too once i can find a job! But the point i was trying to get across was that harrison is plain stupid and that i had your back when someone was dogin you and your car out behind your back.


you can get some magnaflow muffs and get the muff shop to custom fab a mandrel bent ss piping setup with an x-pipe and muffs to turn downed tips. it would sound awesomely loud and be the best performance wise for the buck. if you want the true best for any amount of cash, go with borla or bassani.

if harry went to the track over in jackson, sc, id race him. im not racing on the streets. did i tell you why the cops are following me andrew? they’ve been following me around town for a little over 2 weeks now. im a “part” of an investigation that they have yet to interview. they interviewed the rest of my family, but not me. they are trying to put me at a crime scene i wasnt at because a friend of mine was there and they expected me to have given him a ride.

long story short, i was with my dad at dinner that night, but the police wont stop following. i go about 5mph under the speed limit and rev at cops- trying to get pulled over- so i can settle this once and for all. I Wasnt Involved!!!

the best part is: someone said i was there and idrove there, when at the exact time they said i was there, i am on servailance at pablamos mexican restaurant. i didnt even drive there- i rode with my dad. i dont know what witness said i was at the scene but no matter what i cant get in trouble.

the police report said the events happened on a thursday when my friend who was there said it was a friday night. so right off the bat, the cops got it all wrong. i wish they’d stop heckling me and leave me alone.


Man that sucks, i didnt expect to race him anyway because for one he dosent have a license like you said and mainly hes full of crap, that mustang is probubly his like half uncle twice removed or sumthin and just wants to look cool. Screw him, but sry if i offended u by talkin about racin or anything i just hate hearing him talk about friends of mine and how their cars suck when he dosent even have one you know. Mainly cause he annoys me soo much! But sry if i made u mad.


nah, im not mad. im just pissed at other things (involving the cops) right now. they ownt leave me alone, yet they wont interview me!


for the power steering noise, just try out topping off the reservoir. the fill line is a bunch of bullshit and made my shit whine like a motherfucker so i just topped it off and it stopped.