remember about a month ago when I was hospitalized for about a week with a tonsilitus well I just had them removed yesterday. I just got home from the hospital about an hour ago so I’m back in jersey can barely talk and on a lot of good drugs. other than that bacon is OK


good for you bacon, happy to hear you are ok. salutes teh thailor :lol
eh no more toncilitus for you my friend.


shitty bro!! hope you heal quickly…was it done by military doctors?


Congrats for hitting 400 posts :smiley:


yeah it was done in bathesda up in dc…I got a shit load of good drugs some perky percs and a couple bottles of liquid codine


Re: RE: hospital

dddddaaaammmmnnnnnn!!! they actually hooked you up with some real pain killers and not send you on your way with some motrin…


Congrats one the sucessful surgery. Glad everything came out okay. :lol


Hope you feel b etter soon bacon … though i bet the drugs will help out alot … Just dont let Nossie know hel’l wont them :banana :banana :banana :smiley: :smiley:


yeah nothing like 3-4 perky percs and some beer to set you off nice


awe… that sucks. hope you feel better.


the drugs are helping


Do ya get to eat icecream and jello?


all I can eat…I’m going to try soup a little later


Blech. I hate the hospital. I’ve gone to the ER once, because my doc was booked and I had a horrible earache when I was little, and it was scary as hell there.

You’d have to sedate me to get me to go there again.


hospital was my second home through childhood. i was always getting hurt racing BMX and stitches, broken hand… it was bad


so I was just looking over my paper work apparently I had 3 tonsils…how the hell does that happen


i only have 2? lol. ouch… did it bother you your whole life?


no I only had strepped throat once when I was young the only other time I had a problem was a month ago but I was hospitalized


welp, i wish you a speedy recovery


Re: RE: hospital

I figured you were gona say this was the way you got some girl to give you a BJ :lol :lol :lol :smiley: