Hostile Skies


Man wtf mate…I had a score of like 80k and it wouldnt let me submit it…boooo oh well atleast i know i should be number one HAHAHA I OWN THE SKIES!!!


We’re you logged in at the time? Thats a good score. In the future if for whatever reason you have a problem, then take a screenshot. Doing so may get you credit for the score.


ok ill remember that next time i’m at work and they have disabled all that stuff, your site is actually the only flash site they haven’t blocked, but i’ll give it a shot


sorry to hear about that man. there are a few things that must happen for a score to be submitted. you have to load the game from the activity page (dont refresh to try and play again relly quickly), and some games have an issue with how long you play them. if you play a game for an extended period of time and have a high score, take a screenshot to be safe then try to submit it. this way we can verify your score.

i guess now there is only one thing to do- play more games!


damn, in level 3 a stupid red plane came in from behind and kamikazed me!!


Re: RE: Hostile Skies

Yeah, that happens a lot. I just started level 3 with a score around 82,000 and suddenly the red plane kills me…urgh, but then I went on to score 125,650 and take a trophy. Fun game.


yeah its cool, i love bombing the boats