Hosting an avatar


if i want to host an avatar (since we cant upload yet?)
what is the best thing to use?
will a hosted image at one of those free places stay up indefinitely? or do they take them down after some time period


you CAN upload your avatar here, you can also purchase free hosting with me for 500 tokens per mb (intended use is for videos and such). Im working on a photo album for the site, after its done you can upload anything you want and it will stay 4eva


oh, so wait, i need the 500 token thing to put up the avatar? or can I do the avatar for free.

i only ask again because i tried but it gave me an error about the file type being incorrect or something. but its a jpg ( i tried as a gif as well )

once i hit browse, and select the file and press ok, i press submit. did i miss something inbetween?