Hot damn!

So, I was looking through some pictures of me and decided I don’t like my smile. My jaw is too narrow- it’s genetic. Lovely. So I dug out my retainers - haha - and soaked them in efferdent. I’ve had them on maybe five minutes and it already hurts! It’s going to do what I need it to do.

So… who had/has braces or a retainer?

I did. I had braces for 2-3 years and then and I still have an upper retainer that I wear at nights when I go to sleep and I have a bottom retainer that I wear when I sleep too. I alternate the two, so I don’t wear them the same night. Yeah, they are ok, but not the best lol.

Had the full set when I was 15, with bars on the back, - both upper and lower, and a bite plate.

Thankfully I never had to wear headgear.

Retainers after that.

My top one looks like the invisalign things. My bottom is on the metal kind. I never wore them like I should have. I got lucky though. I was in braces for just shy of a year and a half.

My brother was missing a front tooth. He had braces for several years and then had to wear his retainer 24/7 because his tooth was attached to it. He got a tooth a couple months ago. It looks great!

“Hot Damn” – That’s what Mulder says when he sees HottyToddy!!! :cool

Hey Foxy!

What’s up? You’ve been gone a long time!

[quote=“HottyToddyChick, post: 1085039”]Hey Foxy!

What’s up? You’ve been gone a long time![/quote]

Well with all you hot babes at this place, its hard . . . . . to stay away! :cool

Want it to be more harder for you to come… here? :ninja

Foxy Mulder!!! missed you :slight_smile:

and yes ive had braces… i had 2 with the plate that u can clip in and out… i had train tracks on top and bottom… then cried like a bitch when i had to use little rubber bands to connect the top and bottom it was at the front too so when i spoke it looke dlike i had friggin streathy drool things going on…

now i have a bar at the back of my top teeth wich i need for life cos i push my teeth forward with my tongue…

Did Fox just say something about something being hard? :ninja