House of Cards Season 5 - Warning Spoilers



What are your thoughts on Season 5. I’ve just finished it after binge watching it over a few days.


Claire Underwood is such a badass this season - simply because she breaks the 4th wall. Even her first introduction to the 4th wall is amazing.

#Final Episode Spoiler

This is the only time I’m going to hide a final episode spoiler.

For a good period of time during the season I believed it would be the last, and that Frank was going to die and Claire to take over. For that to be the last episode. But it just got a whole lot more interesting. Frank even pushing it as far as to say he would kill her if he didn’t get the pardon - to which it all ends on the phone call. “It’s my turn”.


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I dropped it after four episodes. The show is so transparently an HRC fanfiction that it causes me to physically cringe. The creator has even essentially self-inserted a writer character as her lover (compare Baeu Willimon, the creator, to the guy who plays Tom Yates. The similarity is uncanny).

I was willing to go along with it until now in hopes that it would be as exciting as the first and second seasons, but it’s just gotten worse. The end of the last season was pathetic, and the new season only doubles down on it. The idea that you could goad the American public from governors, senators, the NSA, etc into a terror frenzy just because one guy got his head cut off on video is moronic. They could have written in a second 9/11- something spectacular- but instead they force this weird white-Islamic small-fry murder. Every few episodes feels like the same cycle of corruption and relationship problems rehashed again and again.

The main characters in this show are just pathetic. I could get into the Underwood’s power fantasy when there was at least a possibility of them doing something besides barely clutching onto power as childless parasites. The weird degenerate polyamory/open relationships feel like plot filler at this point, and seems like a substitute for the ‘edge’ that I felt the show had in the beginning. That “edge”, in my view, was essentially lost when they emasculated Frank so they could play up Claire. The very first episode of this show started with Frank breaking the neck of a dog with his bare hands. That’s how they set the tone. We’ve gone from having the main character feel like a cold-blooded murderer who talks to the devil to a fading old guy who can barely get it up with his wife. Claire simply cannot evoke the same aesthetic as a strongman butcher even if she is a cold bitch, and they’ve eroded Frank’s image as a strongman in order to bring Claire to an equal footing in their relationship.

Part of the problem also is that after the first seasons they now have to compete with reality, and they simply haven’t upped the ante enough to be exciting enough to compete with Trump.

So yeah. I dropped the show because it’s no longer exciting, I don’t even like the main characters anymore as villains, and the plot seems to have been warped to fulfill particular fantasies at the cost of the original aesthetic.


@Ricky What do you think of Designated Survivor?

To be fair to House of Cards, it’s gone down hill due to them not wanting for it to become too unrealistic - but they didn’t see Trump getting into power.

Claire becomes more of a badass this season, but Frank hasn’t quite got the power he once had. I still thought it was worth the watch.

I actually skipped Season 4 because it was so shit.


I’ve never watched that show.

Sure, but the end product is the same regardless of how fair their situation was.

Claire, in my view, can never really be a “badass”, no-matter how you dress her up or what situation you put her in. She can be an ‘ice queen’ type of villain, she can be placed into high offices and exercise plenty of power, but she completely lacks the personality, mannerisms, background, and looks to pull off a “badass” aesthetic. Alice from Resident Evil was a “badass”. Claire is a childless >50 yr old woman who was married for political convenience and strung along for decades before finally subordinating her husband for literally no end other than acquisition of empty power.

They talk on and on about “legacy”- but who the fuck remembers presidents just for being presidents outside of historians? Who the hell knows anything about “Martin Van Buren”, “John Tyler”, or “Warren Gamaliel Harding”? They’re apparently on the list of presidents, but I doubt more than 1-2% of Americans even would recognize them as the names of presidents if asked on the street.


And this is why I dislike most explicitly political TV shows.


Such as?


Everything about Claire Underwood is fantasy about Hillary Clinton, but where she’s better looking and turns the tables and cucks Bill both literally (by having sex with a guy who looks like the damn writer of the show) and politically. The Underwoods are centrist Democrats from South Carolina. The Clintons are centrist Democrats from Arkansas. Same cultural background. Claire is blond with short hair. Hillary is blond with short hair. Bill served as president and Hillary tried to become president. Frank served as president and Claire becomes president. Both are power couples. Both have non-faithful sexual dynamics. Etc.


Binge watching it right now

His inauguration (among a whole lot of things that I’m too lazy to list) was the most clear reference to Trump that I’ve seen so far.

The thing about how Americans were questioning their democracy because it got him elected. “Power is a lot like real estate.”