How can I become big in size?

I want to develop muscles and no, I don’t mean the “sexy” 6-pack that every dumb preteen kid wants. I want to become bigger in size along with muscle. I’m going to start training to become a pro wrestler and I obviously don’t want to use steroids. I remember years ago one of my cousins was training to become a boxer and his trainer made him eat alot of junk food, like at least once everyday so he could gain weight and then later burn it into muscle. Is this true? Does that work? I want to get the most out of my body.

Read that man.

Haha I had forgotten about that. Have you yourself read it? Any good?

I haven’t read it, sounds good though.

Seriously, hit the gym. I’m not sure on the eating junk food bit.

Golden rule

Eat big, lift big, sleep big.

Simple! Dont follow those three rules then theres no point in bothering.

Before you even set foot into the gym you have to get your diet sorted, and a work out planned

What size are you atm? Height and weight, as this is dependent on what you need, whether your a skinny guy looking to increase on lean mass or a big fella looking to strip down on fat and add muscle

As for the junk food part absolute fucking bullshit!!! total and utter bs

a high protein diet helps

but dont use supplements like pro max or maxi muscle, these are supplements to supplement an already decent diet. use these straight of and your seriously throwing away £40 a month, these are only ever needed if you body is crying out for nutrients.

Dont expect to wake up the next week and be all buff, you have to commit yourself yourself to one of the hardest lifestyle changes and stick at it for at leats 6 months if you want to see any real proper gains.

Determination and hard work is a must otherwise you are tottaly wasting your time

if its your first time ever in lifting, i’d recommend you to train towards strength gains than hypertrophy gains because you need a solid base to work with and since you never really started to work out before, you wont have the strength to pick up that barbell and bench for 8-12 reps for that muscle gain

just make up a simple 3 day split workout plan

push, pull and leg

something that includes bench press, dead lifts, squats and rows

basically exercises that hit more than one muscle group, so free weights opposed to machine

sleep and eat is really important because you grow outside of the gym

and most importantly remember to listen to your body

To build initial strength start with 12 and 15 reps of free wieghts obv using low weights for say 10 sessions before hitting bigger weights and following the 8 - 6 rules.

Work muscles groups not all in one but individually over the course of a week

so say for three day gym session

Day1 lats, back shoulders
Day2 Cardio, legs
Day3 arms, chest, dont works your triceps to much ecspecially when first strating up as most lat and shoulder exercises hit these and you will really feel it lol

Remeber to balence your workouts, and dont neglect the legs as your body likes to keep itself in balence so with working your legs and just working your upper body you will hit a wall and not progress further.

Gains are made in the kitchen. You need to figure your diet out first. Junk food doesn’t really matter- you need energy and calories give you energy. You will gain more fat if you eat “dirty,” though.

Like SYN said- push, pull, legs. On push days, do chest and tri work. On pull days, do back and bi work. Start with major muscle groups first- bench press before you do skull crushers, do rows and lats before you do curls, do squats or deads before you do any auxiliary work like calves. Cardio should be done in small amounts, especially if you want to gain size. Go for interval training as this gets you the most benefit in the least amount of time- sprint for 30 seconds, speed walk for a minute, repeat up to 30 minutes.

Make sure you eat a lot of protein- if you do decide to use supplements, after working out would be a great time to drink a protein shake. Eat lean meats- chicken, fish, etc. Don’t forget to eat veggies and fruits, or at least take a multi. Get calcium in your diet and don’t be afraid of fats. Good fats come from low fat cheese, milk and yogurt or you can take fish oil pills- but you’ll likely burp up fish taste from those. Yuck!

If you don’t have a lot of gym experience, it might be in your best interest to go to the gym and get one or two sessions with a personal trainer so they can show you the correct form for each exercise- it does you no good if you use poor form and hurt yourself. For strength, I did 5 reps for 5 sets with HIGH weight. It should be high enough weight that you struggle on your last rep, but low enough so you can still finish with good form.

I_ hope you mean oily fish when you say fish :slight_smile: