How can I get over this?

My flatmate gives me tention the whole time even though she doesn’t think she does. It’s just the way she says things and the way she walks around our small flat and the way she smokes cigarettes every fifteen minutes. I know we all have our annoyance but I live with that everyday. How can I get over this?

music, walks, get out of the house, get a new room mate, get wasted together and then really let her have it, find a hobby, talk to people on otz…

Yeah I have the same problem. I just ignore it and laugh.

Hmm… thats tough… living with people in such tight spaces can really suck. I would just try a number of things until you can figure out what works. If the smoking is getting to you, maybe you can ask her to smoke outside, or in a certain room. Or try your hardest to just ignore all the little things that get on your nerves and get out as often as you can.

Sit her down and tell her that she is pissing you off, tell her what annoys you and she will probably tell you what she hates about you.

Then you can sit there and have a laugh about it, and when she does the things that annoy you - you can look from the corner of your eye with a smile on your face!

Wait till she comes out of the bathroom and slap her in the knee with a crowbar. That way she cant walk, and she will be vulnerable. Then tell her about the stuff making you mad. Shake your fist at her and walk away. As long as she doesnt call the cops, you should be fine. If you have that problem pm me. I’ll tell you how to make her too affraid to talk. : P

LOL I love you guys !!